Recorded Savvy Conversations


“Less is more, parents! – How to hang back and turn your daughter into a master problem-solver” ~ with Guest Speaker Fern Weis, Your Family Matters ~ Listen HERE

“Be a ToolFox” with guest speaker Jodi Topitz of We2Me ~ Listen HERE

The Secret Side Effect of Being Organized: More Confidence, More Time & More Independence! How You Can Have it All!” ~ with guest speaker:  Evelyn Cucchiara of ~Listen HERE and Presentation Slides HERE

“3 Tips to Financial Awareness” by Smart Girls Make Savvy Women ~ Listen HERE

“5 Tips for Cultivating a Connection to Purpose in Your Teen” with guest speaker Gina Calvano of ~ Listen HERE

Learn 3 Simple Questions to guide your Smart Girl to be Independent & Confident” with Barbara Schmitt of Ansen Leadership Listen HERE

“Why should I give my daughter an allowance?” with Gigi Collins of Financial Coach for Kids & Teens ~ Listen HERE




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