Summertime Rejuvenator for Smart Girls

By Lauren Salamone,

I hope you’re having an enjoyable summer so far!

I also hope you’re taking some time to unwind, which is the top way to recharge the ol’ battery.  To really unwind, you clear your mind of all the information that’s been actively occupying it for the past school year.  You allow yourself to clear all of that away and simply get back in touch with YOU.  Not you the student.  Not you the daughter.   Not you the girlfriend, teammate, intern, lifeguard, camp counselor, BFF, sister, or anything else that defines you.  Just YOU enjoying your own internal space and energy.

I was at the hair salon yesterday, and I took the time, myself, to clear away my conscious thoughts and unwind.  I’ve been incredibly busy lately working on some tight deadlines. So yesterday I took the opportunity to connect with my own internal space, while my stylist took care of the “exterior me.”  The hair came out great, but the peace, confidence, and positive energy I felt inside trumped it.  What an experience. I felt like a million bucks when I walked out of there.

It’s quite simple to get to that peaceful internal place and to get those benefits for yourself.

Just follow these steps to do it:

1) If you’re in a place where you can do so, close your eyes.  If not, that’s fine, too.

2) Listen, really listen, to the sounds around you. Don’t analyze them; just take them in as an observer.  Notice each sound you hear and take it in as you open yourself up to hearing even more of what’s happening around you. Let the sounds mingle with one another. Don’t formulate any particular opinion about the sounds or even think about them. Simply experience them for at least a few minutes, longer if you can.

3)  You’ll realize that you are, in fact, connecting with your own unique internal space and energy as you listen in this way.  You’re really relaxing your mind and you’re reminding yourself of the remarkable YOU who is the foundation of the journey you’re on right now.  The true you.  The beautiful you.  The unique you.

Don’t lose sight of her. Take the opportunity this summer to re-connect with your internal space and energy in this way as often as possible.  Just a few minutes here or there.  You’ll really help yourself unwind.  You’ll also keep yourself conscious of your Own True Identity and your Own True Beauty.


Clear the Brain Clutter for More Me Time

By Evelyn Cucchiara, Best Organizing Tips

Ever have the feeling that you are busy chasing after your life, never having a free moment to figure out your next move? And long term planning – who has time for that?

Well, to be honest, you can have the time needed to figure out your day, your life, your goals – time to be anything you want to be, if you just remove the daily day-to-day decisions and struggles. Now, I know what you’re saying, that it’s impossible. You spend so much time just making it through the day that you have no time to think about tomorrow, forget about your hopes and dreams.

I’m here to throw you a lifeline. I’m here to tell you that it can be done. And simply.

The key to having time in this hectic world we live in is: systems.

Systems for cleaning your house. Systems for running your day. Systems for planning your life.

Anything that you spend time thinking about day in and day out can be removed from your brain if you set up a system. And once the system is set up, you no longer have to think about it. You will have freed your brain up to think about other things. To plan. To dream. To wonder.

Here’s an example. Cleaning the bathrooms. Can you think of a more boring thing to think about? Well, I used to spend lots of time saying to myself, “I should really clean the bathrooms”. Every day there would be a little nagging voice in the back of my brain saying “clean the bathrooms.” I would spend many moments every day listening to this, and many moments every day of making up excuses of why I can’t “clean the bathrooms right now.” The voice would say it again, I would think up a new excuse. The little voice was driving me crazy because in addition to not having clean bathrooms, I was now feeling like a failure because this little voice kept bugging me. It was ridiculous!

This went on for a long time. Until the day I realized that if I set up a system, I would no longer have to think about it. And poof! Just like magic, I quieted the voice, got back the time I wasted thinking about it, and had clean bathrooms to boot! Here’s how it works:

1. Pick whatever is driving you crazy – bathrooms, bills, paperwork, exercising – whatever the little voice in your head keeps bugging you about.

2. Design a system and a day to deal with it – I decided that my bathroom cleaning day was Wednesday morning. Only Wednesday morning. So now, first thing Wednesday morning I attack the bathrooms. The cleaning of the bathrooms takes 20 minutes tops. Since it’s done every week, it never gets too bad. I no longer waste time thinking about it. And if for some reason I miss it, before I know it, Wednesday morning will roll around again.

3. Since it is now in your schedule, you no longer have to think about it. The voice is quieted. You are now running your life instead of it running you.

And then you can move on to the next little voice in your head that is driving you crazy.

Try it. Pick something that is driving you crazy and design a system to deal with it on a weekly basis. Then take the time you just recouped from not worrying about it and plan your future.

Let me know how it goes!

be organized…..evelyn