Introduction to Cultivating a Connection to Purpose in Your Teen

By Gina S. Calvano, Founder and President of

The vast majority of us begin to face pressure to decide what to do with our lives when we are around age 15 or 16 in anticipation of graduating high school around age 18.  Most of us aren’t even allowed to decide what time to come home from hanging out with our friends at 15 no less to decide the way we plan to contribute to solving the world’s problems.  Isn’t it just so crazy that this is the way of our world?

Although as parents we can (or at least try), to guide our children in this decision, often it produces anxiety because we too are emotionally involved in this decision.  We want our Continue reading


It’s Time for Some “Savvy Conversation”

April is Financial Literacy Month and what a great way to celebrate with our new, free Teleconference series called Savvy Conversations.

Join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month to discuss a topic on how to empower your daughter. It’s free and only 30 minutes out of your busy schedule. Each call will start with an introduction of our topic and then we open up to your questions. It’s your chance to ask the moderator for their expert advice and to learn from the other parents on the call. Register here.

We kicked off  our Savvy Conversations with the topic: “Why should I give my daughter an allowance?” If you missed it, no worries! You can listen to the recording on our Facebook page under Videos.

Our next call: Wed, April 25 at 7:30 pm ~ Learn 3 Simple Questions to guide your Smart Girl to be Independent & Confident”

4 Career Skills to Teach Your Children Now for Future Professional Success

By Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resumes

As a Job Search Coach and Career Development professional, I often get asked by well meaning parents if there is anything they can do to best prepare their teens and young children for the job market.  Or what are the best career options to pursue.   The latter question is best left to labor analysts and economists who forecast what the domestic and international markets would require to determine which skill set will be in high demand over the next decades.  

So what can parents do to best prepare their children to succeed within a chosen career? As a career professional, former recruiter, hiring manager and as a current parent myself, here are my suggestions of what parents can do outside the education system to best prepare their kids based on the clients I have worked with and prospects I have interviewed over my 16 year career: Continue reading

Myths about Girls & Money

From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents,

From eighteen to thirty-five, she needs good looks,

From thirty-five to fifty-five, a good personality,

From fifty-five on, she needs good cash!

~ Sophie Tucker, a Russian born American singer and actress during the early 20th century

While this quote is funny, it points out some myths and truths about how girls and women think about money.

We’ve all seen the movies with our daughters where the beautiful princess is saved by the handsome prince. Continue reading

What are your limits and who pushes them?

What are your limits? That may be a curious question.  When I was first asked that question I remember thinking, “I don’t exactly know what my limits are, but I know when they’re pushed.”

My second and more reactive thought was, “They know when they’re pushing my limits! Why do they do it again and again and get me angry?”

What I realized was I was blaming them for getting me angry! I was giving them power over me and my happiness, or lack of it. Continue reading